About us

Company Hot Rod Chavik

was established in 2003 by renovator and hot-rod builder Stanley Chavik. He put together team of craftsmen, who specialize in individual building and modification of traditional Hot-Rods, Indy cars, Drag racing and Street racing cars from 30s to 50s.

We are experts in bodywork, chassis, engines, interior, electrical installation and painting of entire car.

Our next specialization is custom building of replicas from scratch according to original car, drawings or photo documentation.

We are proud to use traditional technological processes and craftsmanship when building or renovating a car to preserve the look and elegance of the original.

At Hot Rod Chavik Speedshop we can fulfill your dreams. We can make what others can’t.

Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to welcome you in our shop and accommodate all your needs.